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Micar is an industry leading name when it comes to laser cleaning and precision profilometer services. Our Class 4 laser systems have been used in various industries from manufacturing, exploration, restoration as well as general cleaning applications.

As our laser media blasting units replace the use of toxic chemicals (such as paint strippers, acid baths, degreasers) or the use of consumable blasting media (such as sandblasting, soda blasting or dry ice blasting), or solution is an environmentally safe alternative. Collection and disposal of these by-products is also a time consuming and expensive endeavor as well. When using a laser for cleaning, only a slight vapor is produced as a by-product which is easily collected with a vacuum and ventilation system.

Precision Profilometers can perform profile, roughness, and flatness measurements over a large area instantaneously, all without scratching or damaging the part.

Profilometers are limited to capturing a single line of data, providing a limited data set for the user. The VR captures full surface data in 1 second, enabling users to understand their sample in more detail, and make more-informed decisions.

Micar strives to be the on evolution of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Our cleaning technology will help make USA greener and more environmentally friendly than ever before!

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